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In-Class Drivers Improvement Course

5021 B Backlick Rd. Annandale, VA 22003

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Se Habla Español

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Driving instruction

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"I was expecting this to be a very boring and dull class, but the instructor was very knowledgeable, and understanding of people's expectations. Instead of making it boring, he was entertaining and passionate about what he was doing."

-Joel Choi




"Glad to have picked this class! 8 hours went by so quickly. Thanks for such an easy and pleasant experience!"


-Evelyn Gonzalez




"Excellent lugar el profesor muy chevere"


-Evelin Valarde




"The class was interactive and not boring. The teacher made us all feel involved. If you have to take this class, might as well learn and have fun. They had snacks and gave us many breaks. The final exam was a piece of cake because I knew everything on it from him."






"After looking at many schools, I decided to try AA Plus. They were very kind and helpful in the whole driver education process, and cared not only about if I would pass the test, but also if I would become a safe and educated driver. The teachers are nothing short of wonderful and are kind enough to share their own driving experiences in order to present you with a real-world example of a textbook instruction. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I highly suggest this school to anyone looking for driving lessons, driver's education, behind the wheel, and various other forms of instruction. AA Plus is simply one of those hidden gems. If you're looking for driving education services, looks no further than AA Plus Driving School."


-Mary Foster




"My experience at AA Plus Driving School was good. Everyone was so friendly and I really understand what I was thought. If you want to come to this driving school, you should because it will really help you. There is no other driving school better than this one and take it from me I know because I have been to a lot of driving school."






"This driving school is amazing!! Louiza was my instructor and she was very patient. She works around your schedule so that you can drive whenever it benefits you. And not only does she do behind the wheel, she also teaches new drivers how to drive. I had a very good experience with AA Plus Driving School(:"


-Lynn Vo




"OMG the instructors are hilarious!!! And beyond that, they are legit. I've learned many facts from this school! Now I can trust myself with driving! WOOHOO!!!"


-Junyoung Heo



"This is the most fun class I've taken and I definitely feel much better about the road. It's interactive and the instructor is very friendly. I would definitely come back if I had to (I hope I don't though)."


-Lizeth Laime




"My experience with AA Plus Driving School was very pleasant. The staff was friendly and gave a very instructive course. I found it to be good learning environment."

-Zachary Sharpe




"Overall great experience & awesome instructor! Well shared stories & learned a handful of useful knowledge with updated laws/rules!"

-Alex Raflores



"The teacher is really lovely, I actually learn a lot from it .I will totally coming back here to learn how to drive."  


-Sandy Zheng 




"i love it. they are helpful and nice. i was afraid because a friend of mine went to a driving school in falls church and he only said bad things but coming here is the best. they pick me up and leave me which is great service and. i am just amazed at the great service they provide."


-A Google User




"I took the driving classes for a full week and passed my test. I definitely feel more confident as a driver. The only thing is that I wish the instructor was on the phone less. The cool thing about it was that I got to drive other driving students home and drove in some pretty interesting areas like route 1 and the parkway."


-Jolearra Tshiteya




"The teacher there made it fun and easy to learn all the material and had a set plan ahead of time each day, they also provide food and drink which was very nice of them. All in all it was a great and easy experience!"


-Roland Joun




May 15, 2014


I really enjoyed driving with Louiza Fazel. I felt comfortable with her supervising my driving. She was extremely flexible scheduling our sessions together. Her instructions were clear and delivered in a calm manner. I feel much more comfortable driving having worked with Louiza for my behind the wheel program. She has my highest recommendation

Best Driving School

- Megnee




June 18, 2013


I failed the DMV test and was asked to take the class. I took the class at AAA driving school. Great people,flexable schedule. Easy to understand instructions. Passed the test first try after taking the class. Thank you guys.

Great Driving School

- Shahyan




July 5, 2013


Great teachers. I totally enjoyed the class. The jokes are not very funny but teachers are very nice. The BEST part was flexible schedule. Teachers picked me up and dropped my home after the class. Completed my class in 10 days. In class quizzes are easy and from the book. Final exam is from the quizzes combined. Went to DMV PASSED the first try. I highly recommend.

Great Driving School

- Silsila




AA Plus driving school was a great experience. My instructor was informative without drowning me with useless info. Class was efficient and laid back. I highly recommend this is class to anyone that needs a driver improvement class.


Greg Mass

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